• 10 Reasons Why People Love Meditation

    white woman in jeans meditating

    Why do so many people love meditation and make it part of their daily routine? The answer is because it works. Meditation is successful for many reasons. Meditation Decreases Anxiety Some people have what is known as too much fight or flight syndrome. Their gut instincts tell them they are in danger when they are […]


  • 5 Ways To Manifest Money Fast By Slowing Down

    woman listening to money affirmations on headphones

    Are you aware of how valuable time really is? There really is not such thing as the past or future. Our only point of reference for time currently is the present moment, and we can use this to our advantage by focusing on it instead of letting it pass us by in life without us […]


  • 3 Best Crystals For Meditation

    white quartz and amethyst crystals for meditating

    Meditating takes time and practice to master. The main goal of meditation is often to clear your mind. However, those who experience anxiety and depression, usually find it difficult to clear their minds. Running thoughts interrupt their ability to meditate. Using crystals in meditation practice helps in channeling these thoughts into the crystal. By releasing […]


  • Get Started Meditating In Just Ten Minutes a Day

    redheaded woman meditating in yoga pants

    With anything new you take on, producing content for a new social media network to riding a bike, there is always a learning curve. Meditation is something that doesn’t take a lot of practice, but it does require taking it on every day until it becomes a new habit. You will get to a point […]


  • Try Something New Today To Care For Yourself

    woman soaking in bath as new self-care ritual

    Self-care involves nurturing your body, mind and spirit. Creating habits and adding activities to your calendar help increase your chances of sticking with any new self-care ritual, including meditation, yoga, reading a chapter of a book, or taking an CBD epsom salt bath. Another way to keep things interesting is to treat yourself to things […]


  • The Power of No Will Set You Free

    chronic boss Woman saying no with hand up

    Feeling overwhelmed and burnout is normal for any boss, but it’s especially true for bosses juggling work, family, and chronic illness. Not everything that we are interested in doing is good for us and that makes it hard to decide what to say yes or no to. We often buckle under the pressure of societal […]


  • How Financial Stress Can Make You Sick and Tired

    young black woman in red shirt reading medical bill stressed out

    If you’re worried about your finances, chances are you’re also feeling the physical effects of money stress.  A dwindling bank account and rising debt can not only cause you to feel stress, it can lead to an increased risk of disease and other health problems. Some stress is a good thing.  It helps you to […]


  • Could You Have a Leaky Gut? How To Spot the Signs

    anxious woman with leaky gut and stomach pain

    These days, we know that a healthy gut is super important for staying healthy and can affect everything from immunity to brain health. And if there are problems in the gut, it can have some surprising effects on the rest of the body. One of the gut conditions that has been gaining a heap of […]


  • 4 Reasons Why People Don’t Reach Their Goals

    overweight man didn't reach his weight loss goal

    Most people will tell you that they have at least one wish or desire to change something about their life. What may be strange is the number of people who don’t make any type of move to reach their goals. The number one reason for not attaining a certain goal is often put down to […]