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You can find Dr. Ross’s approved headshot & bios here: https://drmicheleross.com/contact/#headshots

Yes, you can check out her official Big Brother Season 11 cast page here: https://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/cast/25808/

Dr. Ross is not currently doing any affiliate partnerships outside of her existing network. 

If you’d like to hire Dr. Ross as an influencer for your brand, use the contact form. She does not do product trade for posts. Please be advised minimum budget is $1000.

Dr. Ross has a PhD in Neuroscience and is not a licensed physician. She thus cannot provide a medical marijuana card or recommendation in any state, as that is limited to providers holdng MD, DO, or ND degrees.

The Chronic Boss sells only books, courses, and coaching programs. We do not sell or help you source any illegal substances. We may make recommendations from time-to-time for legal, lab-tested CBD, cannabis, medicinal mushroom, or kratom products that have provided great results for our clients.

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