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With anything new you take on, producing content for a new social media network to riding a bike, there is always a learning curve. Meditation is something that doesn’t take a lot of practice, but it does require taking it on every day until it becomes a new habit.

You will get to a point where you could not imagine meditation not being a part of your daily life. So many people love meditating, for benefits like stress reduction and better sleep. You will wonder how you got along without it this far.

Choose the Right Meditation Technique

It’s important to get accustomed to the various mindfulness techniques and get used to them. Choose the ones which are right for you. Choose the ones which are in perfect combination for you and your lifestyle.

You may wish to incorporate your new breathing techniques along with your ability to shield or you may find that visualization along with centering works best for you. Whatever combination you choose, just make sure it works for you, your life and your particular situation.

Additionally, keep in mind that you will be able to mix and match these techniques according to the scenario in which it presents itself. For example, if you are feeling stressed about a new job, perhaps breathing and visualization will work best.

However, on the other hand, if you feel you are afraid to go into a social setting where you know no one, perhaps using the shielding and grounding techniques will work best for your particular scenario.

Making Time Instead of Making Reasons Why You Can’t

The biggest reason or excuse people say they don’t take on the practice of meditation is because they say they don’t have enough time. Not having enough time is not a true reason to disregard meditation.

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If you had an injury, you would go to physical therapy. If you had an illness, you would go to see a doctor. Then it stands to reason that you can most certainly find 10 minutes per day to work your way toward a whole and complete life.

If you have to give up 10 minutes on your lunch hour or if you have to awake 10 minutes earlier three times per week or even if you go to bed 10 minutes earlier, you can certainly find time to incorporate 10 minutes into your day.

Another great idea is to find 10 minutes in the morning on one day and on the next, find 10 minutes during the night and thereafter find 10 minutes during lunch. This way, it keeps you accountable for your 10 minutes without feeling like a burden and more like a benefit.

Mini Meditation Sessions – How to Perform Them Anywhere

If you think you need to have a meditation session deep in the woods or sitting in the corner of your room with long flowing robes and candles, think again. You can meditate just about anywhere. Even in your sweatpants next to your dog.

If you’re waiting in a long line, you can practice deep breathing. You can go into your own world where you visualize something much better than standing on line waiting for stamps at the post office.

You can alleviate stress as you wait in line at the motor vehicles center. Visualize, center, ground, take deep breaths and use that shielding technique and you can meditate anywhere at any time.

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Get Started Meditating In Just Ten Minutes a Day